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Team Dr. Joseph cosmetic treatments

TEAM DR. JOSEPH – Hightech Natural Cosmetics.
Imagine if nature and science formed an alliance.

TEAM DR. JOSEPH dared to make this alliance a reality and with over 30 years of history and experience in the production of natural cosmetics, has launched a new product category: Hightech Natural Cosmetics - a combination of herbal high-tech active ingredients and state-of-the-art technology. Result-driven and perfectly synchronised formulations become highly effective products that are specifically tailored to the skin's needs.

  • Noticeable immediate effect
  • High-tech natural cosmetics
  • Holistic treatments
  • Sustainable, respectful interaction with nature
  • Organic certified active cosmetics
  • Light, non-greasy, fast-absorbing textures
  • For your skin health

Intensive cleansing facial treatment

Suitable for all skin types

Intensive skin type-specific deep cleansing according to the TEAM DR. JOSEPH for a cleared complexion and refined pores. The skin feels clean and soft.

With warm, moist herbal steam compresses, a gentle lymph-stimulating massage, peeling, cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing. This is followed by a toning face pack, peel-off mask and skin-specific day care. For a visibly fresher complexion and a vital radiance.

60 minutes of pampering time | 80 €

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Deeply effective beauty care

Can be adapted to any skin type

A wonderfully natural active ingredient care, specially adapted to your skin needs with an immediate effect and a deeply relaxing pampering programme, according to the TEAM DR. JOSEPH. With highly effective natural active ingredients for healthy and intensively cared for skin.

Skin diagnosis, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam compresses, cupping glasses special serum, modulated facial massage, intensive mask and a final individual day care.

90 minutes of pampering time | 110 €

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Intensive treatment with biodynamic lifting

Can be adapted to any skin type

The holistic maximum programme in connection with TEAM DR. JOSEPH: Individually tailored inten­sive treatment with biodynamic lifting massage. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment for lasting impact, instant visibility and maximum effect.

120 minutes of pampering time | 155 €

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Express Power Lift For Men

Can be adapted to any skin type

Fast and effective care for men, with a pampering programme. Natural Hightech Power ensures a pure and refined complexion. For vibrant and well-groomed appearance.

60 minutes of pampering time | 80 €

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Cosmetic extras

Only bookable in combination with a cosmetic treatment

  • Depilation of the upper lip
  • Eyelash tinting
  • Eyebrow tinting
  • Eyebrow correction

each extra | 15 €

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Body wraps & baths

Soft-Pack® body wraps

Relax almost weightlessly on the comfortably warm Soft-Pack® lounger. Let yourself be enveloped in one of our body wraps and feel how your skin absorbs the active ingredients.

30 minutes of pampering time | 50 €

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Choose between:

Cleopatra cream bath

Silky soft skin feeling, moisturising and very nourishing.

Rügen healing chalk

Relieves rheumatic discomfort, has an anti-inflammatory effect and is especially recommended for skin irritations.

Seaweed wrap

Purifies the body and stimulates blood circulation.

Moor mud package

Activates the metabolism, promotes blood circulation, has a relaxing effect and loosens the muscles.

Wellness bath for two

Enjoy time for two, by candlelight in our dream bath tub. Toast with a sparkling glass of champagne.

Choose between a rose oil or Cleopatra bath

45 minutes of pampering time | 75 €

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Oriental Rasul

The care culture from the Orient

Clouds of steam drift through the room, the sparkling starry sky glows mysteriously, accompanied by soft music. Now you start to apply the wonderful care muds, you can feel how the skin becomes supple. Snuggle up relaxed in the ergonomic seat, enjoy the pleasant warmth, watch the stars and feel completely at ease. A warm, gentle tropical rain rounds off this pleasure and you feel like you have been reborn.

30 minutes of pampering for two | 65 €

30 minutes of pampering alone | 50 €

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Soap lather ritual

Starting with a 5-minute visit to the steam bath followed by exfoliation with a goat's hair glove, we prepare your skin for the oriental soap foam massage. The soap foam massage serves to cleanse and nourish the skin. Enjoy this special oriental ritual on our Hamam lounger.

40 minutes of pampering time | 55 €

Afterwards, enjoy a warm body oil treatment

50 minutes of pampering time | 65 €

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Beautiful hands & feet

Spa manicure or pedicure

We will pamper you with a soothing bath for your hands or feet and a peeling. This is followed by nail care and a massage.

50 minutes of pampering time | 60 €

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Nail polish for the perfect look?

We are happy to paint your nails after the wellness manicure or pedicure. The nail polish comes as a gift to take home.

60 minutes of pampering time | 70 €

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Body peelings

Whole body peeling

The peeling loosens old skin flakes, stimulates the blood circulation and ensures beautiful and soft skin. Choose between sea salt peeling or grape seed peeling.

25 minutes of pampering time | 55 €

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Full body Thalasso seaweed treatment

Care and purification for your skin

Starting with a cleansing algae body scrub, your skin is gently freed from old skin flakes. Afterwards you can relax in our Soft-Pack® lounger, where the highly effective algae pack with its detoxifying effect and intensive care can take effect and care of you.

60 minutes of pampering time | 90 €

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Wellness massages

Feel-good massage

Relax with a balancing, harmonising massage to release everyday tensions.

30 minutes of pampering time partial body | 55 €

50 minutes of pampering for the whole body | 80 €

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Clear-head relaxation massage

Recharge your batteries while your head, neck and shoulders are gently massaged with soothing oil.

20 minutes of pampering time | 45 €

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Hot Stone

An interplay of warm stones and soothing massage strokes for new strength and vitality of body, mind and soul.

30 minutes of pampering time partial body | 65 €

60 minutes of pampering for the whole body | 100 €

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Pantai Luar

An East Asian, holistic heat treatment that gently releases muscle tension and stimulates the self-healing powers and energy flow in the body. The noticeable deep effect comes from the combination of the selected herbal essences and the stimulating stamp massage.

30 minutes of pampering time partial body | 75 €

60 minutes of pampering for the whole body | 105 €

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Foot treatment

Incl. foot bath

Through gentle pressure on the reflex zones all processes in the body can be activated, or calmed and soothed.

35 minutes of pampering time | 55 €

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Day spa package

When booking a day spa offer, use of the steam baths, Finnish sauna and swimming pool is included. You can also borrow a bathrobe  and a sauna towel.

Time for two

  • 2 x foot bath to get you in the mood with a sparkling glass of sparkling wine
  • 1 x Oriental Rasul for two
  • 2 x full body soothing massage
  • 2 x relaxing facial massage

Relaxation for two | 328 €

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Girlfriends feel-good day

  • 1 x foot bath to get in the mood
  • 1 x glass of sparkling wine
  • 1 x partial body soothing massage
  • 1 x intensive cleansing facial treatment

per person | 166 €

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Vino therapy

  • 1 x foot bath and peeling to get in the mood
  • 1 x glass of sparkling wine
  • 1 x grape seed body peeling
  • 1 x grape seed wellness massage

per person | 141 €

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Wellness relaxation day

Book your wellness relaxation day from Monday to Thursday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Entry to our wellness & spa
  • Use of the sauna and steam baths
  • Swimming pool use
  • Wellness loan bag
  • Cosy bathrobe, pair of slippers, sauna towel
  • Tea, water & fruit

1 day | 55 €

½ day | 40 €

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